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Sunglass Company Aims to Make Impact In Eco Eye Wear with Hemp

17 July 2014

By Michael Ellenbogen

Hemp” plans to take charge with the cannabis plant's fiberous material, creating an eco-friendly and (the only) hemp-made glasses on the market

As one of the strongest and most sustainable plant-based fibers in the world, industrial hemp has been used for thousands of years – from producing cars to homes. Hemp comes from the cannabis plant, and is refined into products like hemp seed foods, oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, paper and even fuel. Other variants of the herb also infamously include marijuana.

Over the years, we've seen trends like wooden sunglasses, made using boat-building methods, to frames made of biodegradable materials, but now newly formed company “Hemp” plans to bring a fresh new perspective to the eco world of glasses, taking eye fashion to the next level, using hemp plant in a functional and fashionable format.

The company believes the world needs more utilization of hemp, to create sustainable and eco-friendly products, and thus are planning to create sunglasses with an estimated launch date of early 2015. Stay tuned for more, including product launch and lines.


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