Stemergy: Renewable Fibre Technology

4th Annual Growing the Margins Conference and Exhibition

Growing the Margins and the Canadian Farm and Food Biogas conferences and their joint exhibition, as well as several associated events of great value, will be presented the week of March 8th, 2010 at the London Convention Centre, London, Ontario, Canada.

The 4th Annual Growing the Margins: Green Energy and Economy for the Farm and Food Sectors Conference and Exhibition will extend GTM's successful track record by further exploring new technological, operating, policy, regulatory, financial and other challenges and opportunities facing farms and related food and rural industries as they strive to improve their energy efficiency, better utilize byproducts - - and ultimately improve their bottom lines.

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About Stemergy

Stemergy bio-fiber is focused on producing and supplying renewable bio-fibres - derived from annual stem fiber plants such as flax and hemp - to the expanding global bio-fiber marketplace.