Stemergy: Renewable Fibre Technology

Stemergy Renewable Bio-Fiber Opportunities

Stemergy renewable bio-fiber welcomes all inquiries about potential business opportunities related to joint ventures, technology development or financing activities. If you are interested in partnering with Stemergy or wish to find out how to become involved in the innovative and fast growing industry of renewable bio-fibers, please contact us.

International inquiries are welcome.

Stemergy BioFibeRefinery™

The Stemergy BioFibeRefinery™ is a comprehensive processing technology for the production and conversion of unique plants into valuable biofiber materials. The BioFibeRefinery™ spans the continuum of the value chain, starting with the utilization of specific plant genetics through to supplying biofibers to targeted end applications. At the heart of the BioFibeRefinery™ technology is a series of proprietary processes that fractionate plant stems into useful and versatile biofiber products. The Stemergy BioFibeRefinery™ offers an alternative to volatile and rising petroleum prices by harnessing the ability of plants to convert solar energy and green house gases into valuable materials.

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Stemergy Bio-Fiber Technologies (Delaware, Ontario)

Renewable bio-fiber crop production (dioecious male hemp plant) with bee collecting pollen.

Stemergy Renewable Bio-Fibre (Canada)

Bio-fiber (Hemp) cross section of stalk - magnified 125x.