Stemergy: Renewable Fibre Technology

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The demand for renewable bio-fibres has never been greater. As energy and material costs continue to rise, so too does the need for renewable, environmentally conscious alternatives such as bio-fibres that meet or exceed performance targets without increasing costs.

Using renewable bio-fibres in the manufacture of consumer and industrial products is not new. However, new bio-fibre processing and conversion technologies – spearheaded in North America by Stemergy – have greatly extended their reach. Combined with new plant-based glues and binding systems, renewable bio-fibres such as hemp and flax are fast becoming the preferred material for replacing many of the energy intensive glass and synthetic materials used in the manufacturing of composites.

Stemergy has become - and will continue to be – the leading source for providing both renewable bio-fibre material and application expertise.

Stemergy Bio-Fiber Technologies (Delaware, Ontario)

Composite building system wall made of composite bio-fiber (hemp fiber core).

Stemergy Renewable Bio-Fibre (Canada)

Renewable bio-fiber composite car part (door panel).